Pomózcie mi odpowiedziec na pytania z agielskiego po angielsku oraz opisac obrazki.;]]
1. What is the woman in the picture doing?. [jest obrazek na na obrazku pani jest w sklepie z ubraniami i je ogląda]
2.What clothes do you usually buy?
3.What is the boy in the picture doing?.[na obrazki chłopiec siedzi przed komputerem i szuka cos w internecie]
3.What do you use the computer for?
5.What is the woman in the picture doing?.[na obrazku dziewczyna lezy na lezaku na plazy i sie opala]
6.How do you ussually spend yoour summer holidays?.
7.What are the people in the picture doing? [na obrazku stoja na stoczni trzmają "snowboard" i rozmawiają]
8.How do you usually spend your winter holidays?.
9.What is the woman in the picture doing?[na obrazku pani odkurza pokój]
10.Do you often do this housework?What do you do?.



1. The woman is looking at the clothes.
2. I usually buy skirts and some nice and cheap shirts.
3. The boy is looking for something in the internet.
4. I use my computer for finding some important information or to communicate with friends.
5. The woman is lying on the sunbed. She's probably taking a sunbath.
6. I usually go to the seaside for a week or more and I swim in the sea or taking a sunbath.
7. The people are standing on the slope. They're keeping a snowboard and talking to each other.
8. I usually go to my grandparents and I spend winter holiday with them.
9. The woman is cleaning a room. She's using a vacum cleaner.
10. I sometime do this because I don't like mess. I also wash the dishes.
The woman are doing shopping and she are looking the clothes.

I usually buy dresses.

The boy is searching the Internet.

I usually use computer for watching films.

She are sunbathing .

I usually clamb mointains on the holydays.

they are talking on the ski jump.

In winter holidays I usually ski.

For you he is dusting the room

yes, I am washing up.

mam nadzieje że mogłam pomóc ;)