Zd. oznajmujące:
1.You were at school yesterday.
2.They went to the cinema last weekend.
3.Sarah liked chocolate.
4.She won the competition.
5.He listened to music yesterday.
6.He used it to work.
7.It was very dengerous.
8.She was very busy last weekend.
9.He made tea yesterday.
10.She did the laundry last weekend.

Zd. pytające:
1.Were you at school yesterday?
2.Did they go to the cinema?
3.Did Sarah like chocolate?
4.Did she win competition?
5.Did he listen to music?
6.Did he use it?
7.Was it dangerous?
8.Was she busy?
9.Did he make tea?
10.Did she do the laundry?

1.You weren't at school yesterday.
2.They didn't go to the cinema last weekend.
3.Sarah didn't like chocolate.
4.She didn't win the competition.
5.He didn't listen to music yesterday.
6.He didn't use it to work.
7.It wasn't very dengerous.
8.She wasn't very busy last weekend.
9.He didn't make tea yesterday.
10.She didn't do the laundry last weekend.