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Dear Director

I turn to you with great disappointment, because of receiving a lower salary than that which was promised to me. Under the contract, you had this month to receive a 10% increase. After my calculation is only 5%. All the time I try to work conscientiously and efficiently. I do not use the sick leave. For me it is unfair. Sorry about that. Please clarify this situation.

Sincerely, Maria

Hi Jola

I could not speak up earlier! This continuing job search I exhausted. Today I have a wonderful day. Hardships paid off. I found the work of which I dreamed. I will be doing it, what I like. You know that flowers are my world. Now, I can arrange, compose bouquets, bouquets as soon as you invent. Do not know how happy I am. Still get a good salary for it. I can now come to you. Finally, we shall see.



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