Sprawdźcie mi to wypracowanie .
My ideal boyfriend .
On Friday after school I went to the bus stop. When I was looking for headphones to listen to music, I saw a high men. He was wearing jeans and blue-black jacket. After a long look looking for some 17 years. He had brown short cut hair. His face was smooth. When the bus arrived, we got to him and sat down together. At that time I was thinking how to find out about it some more. Suddenly he pulled out a cell phone. Immediately occurred to me to ask is how does the phone. I asked nice and calm voice, how he liked the phone, and works well, and such other things. His voice was such a wonderful, peaceful, dreamy. When he approached my stop I got out in response meek voice praise and giving him a smile. The next day came up to me at the bus stop. Proved to be wise and full of aspirations boyfriend. 160
It turned out that also likes horror movies and Thiller. his favorite are all part of the ring as well as many others. When I looked closer at him he had brown eyes and slender nose. His mouth was not too broad not too narrow. I think that this guy is perfect in every respect.



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