• Użytkownik Zadane
NEW- nowy, newer, the newest( tylko tego nie jestem pewna)
EASY- łatwy, easier, the easiest
CHEAP- tani, cheapper, the cheappest
GOOD- dobry, better, the best
BIG- duży, bigger, the biggest
BAD- zły, worse, worst
THIN- chudy, thiner, the thinest
YOUNG- młody, younger, the youngest
RICH- bogaty,richer, the richest
USULUF- ( nie ma takiego słówka, musiałes cos pomylic)
IMPORTANT- ważny, more important, the most important
FUN- zabawny, funner, the funnest
POPULAR- popularny, more popular, the most popular
EXCITING- ekscytujący, more exciting, the most exciting
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Easy- easier- the easiest
fun- funner- the funnest
young - younger- the youngest
bad- worse - the worst
big- bigger- the biggest
new- newer- the newest
cheap- cheaper- the cheapest
good- better- the best
thin- thiner- the thinest
rich- richer- the richest
useful- more useful- the most useful
important- more important- the most important
popular- more popular- the most popular
exciting- more exciting- the most exciting
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NEW- nowy - newer - the newest
EASY- łatwy - easier - the easiest
CHEAP-tani - cheaper - the cheapest
GOOD- dobry - better - the best
BIG-duzy - bigger - the biggest
BAD-zły - worse - the worst
THIN-chudy - thinner - the thinnest
YOUNG-młody - younger - the youngest
RICH-bogaty - richer - the richest
USULUF- przydatny - more useful - the most useful
IMPORTANT- wazny - more important - the most important
FUN-zabawny - funnier - the funniest
POPULAR-popularny - more popular - the most popular
EXCITING- ekscytujący - more exciting - the most exciting
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