Christmas in Poland
Everyone loves Christmas. It is the favourite and most eagerly awaited holiday in the year. This is a uniqe time when people try to be kind, friendly and generous to one another.
They seem to forget all their problems. Quarrels and just enjoy being together.
Christmas is preceded by many days of preparation. Streets are lit by coloured lamps, shops are full of people buying presents and choosing Christmas cards.
Christmas trees are set up in every home and decorated with sparkling tinsel, candles, chains, toys and trinkets. The atmosphere of excitement and exitation can be felt almost everywhere. People believed that everything that might happen.
Some people say that if you ask for food on that day, you will be hungry throughout the year. The moment everyone waits for is Christmas Eve. When the first stars appears in the sky, people take their seats at the Christmas table.
Another custom is the number of dishes.Traditionaly there should be twelve of them and they must all be tasted. The most popular ishes are red borsch,pies or sour cabbage with mushrooms, fish (usually carp) and poppy-seed cake. Before the family starts eating , all is members share the holy wafer. There is also a custom of giving presents and everyone may find something nice under Christmas tree. At midnight many people go to church to attend a special mass during which Christmas carols are sung.This night is miraculous because it is believed that animals can speak with human voices.Christmas for Polish people is not only the yearly celebration f the birth of Jesus Christ . The birth of Jesus Christ is regarded as a kind of symbol which heralds the days of peace and love.
Boże Narodzenie to czas relaxu i ciszy. Najlepszy moment podczas świąt to ubieranie choinki. Podczas wigilii , wkładamy siano pod biały obrus, oczekujemy pierwszej gwiazdki, dzielimy się opłatkiem, potem jemy 12 potraw. Śpiewamy kolędy. Dzieci czekają na Świętego Mikołaja. O północy idziemy do kościoła. Przez kolejne dni świąt powstrzymujemy się od prac i staramy się być dobrzy dla innych.

Christmas is a time of relax and calm. The best moment during the holidays is dressing the Christmas tree. During Christmas Eve, we put hay under the white tablecloth, we expect the first stars, we divide the wafer, and then eat 12 meals. Sing Christmas carols. Children waiting for Santa Claus. At midnight we go to church. For the following public holidays we refrain from work and strive to be good for others.

Christmas Eve - the day where I am always very happy. This year our family said that we'd spend that time in Italy, skiing and reposing. The day before that joyful event, when I was walking through the nearby park, I saw a face of my best friend which suddenly appeared on the surface of a block of ice. Next day, when everybody was sleeping, I saw the second ghost. He was bigger and thinner than the first one. He let me see the present Christmas. I saw me and a broken vase of my mum. I didn't want to own up and I hid it in my room. The Ghost told me that I should not have hidden it and apologize my mum. I promised that I would do this. I got up at the midnight and I decided to write an apology letter to my mum before the coming of the third ghost.We had fantastic family Christmas.
PS -sama pisałam ! xdd