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Mam napisać artykuł po angielsku a o to treść:
There was a dangerous fire in your town yesterday. Imagine that you are a reporter and write an article for your local magazine describing what happend. Use as mey words from te box as possible.

call the fire brigade, childern, flames, fire-fighters, kitchen, play with matches, put out the fire, rescue, smoke.

A artykuł ma zawierać 100 wyrazów. Liczę na szybką pomoc. (;



We have schocking news. There was a huge fire in one of the houses on st. Burry's yesterday. It'll all started at 9:00 a.m. Misses Goldenblat (the housewife) went shopping, forgetting to turn off her oven. When she came back she smelled smoke, she ran to the kitchen and she saw the flames. Misses Goldenblat started to shouting. The neighbour's children heard that and called the fire brigade and the police. It came out that women was stucked in a kitchen. It was like a trap, but one of the fire fighters rescued her just on time. It all ended up at 17:00, there was no donation's but unfortunately the house is a ruin now.
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