Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dogs usually weigh from 2 up to 4 kg and have c 30 centimetres of the height (counting the standing dog to the back from the earth). They are of various colours, are often spotted. Black, grey, white, more rarely ores - these are most often met colours of canine fur. Pointed ears, a long moustache and a tail are the most characteristic feature of all dogs. He likes to sleep on window sills, on the white goods, in the vicinity of radiator and in other cloakrooms
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Dog live in Poland. This is best friend of people. Everybody like dogs, because they are very sweet and very friendly too. Dogs live very long and people usually buy dogs on the birthday or at Christmas. Dogs usually are black, brown or white and they have got black eyes and very lttle sweet nose and short ears. Dogs are the best.
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