Good afternoon,

Miss, you probably know why are you here?

No sorry not at all, however I expect some explanation about it.

Ok Miss, One month ago you have been on vacation in Ibiza, right?

Yes but I still don't understand what I'm doing here.

Hold , hold is it due to the robbery in Victoria hotel?

Yes, right. We got some new details about it and we check all information which could help us to solve the crime.

I have a couple question and I have also inform you that you have right to say nothing and asking for the lawyer.

Woo why is it so official? Am I accuse of something?

We are not sure, that why we have ask question about the 22th July.

Ok go ahead I am ready to answer any question .

Ok then, first question. Have you met somebody this night who act a bit suspicious?

No! but wait yes there were somebody a stranger very handsome man. He was talking only with reach Lady's yeah I remember that. During my staying there there were couple very reach Lady's you know vacation without husband. One of them were very interested to him but After half hour they vanished. I was thinking that they probably change the place you know to have more fun but yes after hour the man came back and stared to talk to the other reach lady but she was not interested for some strange relation.

Ok, what then the man did hmmmmmm he just left the club.

Ok and you I mean what did you do during this time?

So It was my last day of staying. I just would relaxing before I came back to work and with good music and drinks.

Ok thank you for coming.