Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
hello dear tourists!

Today we are going to the science museum in the centre of London. The aim of our visit in this museum is meeting science history from a long time ago to the newest time. I can't tell what you'll see there because this is a suprise! OK the museum is opened from 10 o'clock a.m, but i think that there will be a queque in front of the object our todays adventure so we should be there before it's opened, becouse the museum is big very much and i think that we will be there to 4 p.m. so i will be waiting for you, dear tourist here at 9 o'clock a.mYor have one hour for preparing. Oh please, wear smart because this museums employees like when you respects them, the price of ticket costs nothing.

-Our destination will be exhibition of dinosaurs
-The trip will be at 21st June and take about 6 hours
-Ticket costs 5$ , and you have to turn off mobile phone, and you also can't touch any of exhibits at the museum
-We all meet next to our school at 10