# The bus has just left. Autobus właśnie odjechał.
# We have already finished our work. Właśnie skończyliśmy naszą pracę.

I haven't seen Mary this week.
I have never liked icecreams. Nigdy nie lubiłem lodów (i nadal ich nie lubię)

Have you ever eaten nails?
Have you ever been to Greece?
I haven't seen her there.
You haven't lost a key.
She hasn't set that clock.
He hasn't gone there.
They have already cooked meal.
Has he been to the bank?
Have you bought curtains?
Have you seen that film
Have they sent this postcard
Polecam sie zawsze 6 z angielskiego

I have been there.
She has flown to greece
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The bus has just left
We have already finished our work.
We have lived In Warsaw for many years.

Have you ever been to France?
Have they arrived already?

She hasn't told him her name.
We haven't seen this movie.