Cheap cheper the cheped
important importane the imported
long longer the longed
quiet quieter the quieted
good gooder the gooded
powerfull powerfuller the powerfulled
goodqiet goodqier the goodqied
east easter the easted
smal smaler the smaled
helthy helther the helthed
hot hoter the hoted
fast farter the fasted
narrow narrower the narowed
famous famause the famaused
bad bader the baded
3 2 3
Cheap- cheaper- the cheapest
important = more important= the most important
long=longger =the longest
qiet=quiter=the quitest
good=better the best - wyjatek
powerful=more powerful= the most powerful
goodquiet=more goodquiet= the most goodquiet
east=easier = the easiest
small= smaller=the smallest
healthy=healthier=the healthiest
hot=hotter = the hottest
fast=faster =the fastest
narrow=narrower-the norrowest
fomous=fomouser=the fomousest
hotfast=hotfaster=the hotfastest
bad=worse =the worst wyjatek
2 3 2
Cheap- cheaper- the cheapest
important - more important- the most important
long-longger -the longest
qiet-quiter-the quitest
good-better the best -
powerful-more powerful-the most powerful
goodquiet-more goodquiet-the most goodquiet
east-easier -the easiest
small- smaller-the smallest
healthy-healthier-the healthiest
hot-hotter -the hottest
fast-faster -the fastest
narrow-narrower-the norrowest
fomous-fomouser-the fomousest
hotfast-hotfaster-the hotfastest
bad-worse -the worst
3 4 3