The first of September on thousand nine hundred and ninety-nin, I remember to this day. This was the most important day in my life. I was then 7 years old, his hans in a cast and want to go to school. I woke up early in the morning, my mother helped me to dress- I was wearing a beautiful white jacket and navy skirt. Start of the school years would start at nine. I was wondering how the school and with whom I can learn from. School was great. I was afraid that I lose in it. When I went inside it was a lot of children. I did not know anyone there, except for a few friends from the yard. I talked briefly with them and my mother went with me to my class. I sat with my new friends in the pews when you entered any. Was our teacher. She loked beautifully- she was young and had a charming smile. She told us about the school and classroom. Then I went home with my mother, to a new books into the new backpack and was ready to start schooling.
The bets day of my life was the 4th of july. This was uncommon day. I was at home. They day began as usual. I wake up about 10 o'clock. I was heving a shower when the phone rang. So, I took telepone and heard the best news of my life. I won main prize in competition ,,1000 zloties" i was very excited and suprised. i could take prize from present day to Saturdays between 15-20 hour in office ,,pula nagród".I had yet 4 hours, so I decided to divide this good information from my friend. I phoned to her and I asked will she come to me. She said that she will came behind 15 mintes. When I told her all she said, that I must prepare party. after 15 o'clock i and my mother went to take prize. I couldn't to wait. My mother paid me moneys on account and we went on purchases. I bought a lot of clotheses but my mother didn't permit to give me of all moneys. When we returned I prepared tasty supper. then I and my familly watched TV and we went to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep. I thought on what to give my moneys by all night. to jest mój tekst czy ktoś może to sprawdzić