I am show my mother. She is name is Ezechiela pazduran.She's twenty yerars old>She live in Warsaw.She leaved Cracow because that was too much cars and dogs.Her mother is a nurse , father is policeman.She is a doctor. She works in hospital and in school canteen ,she's chef.[She likes watch tv , write a letter , listen to music , play guitar and piano ,eat in pizzeria and restaurant,go to cinema and cafe and she like shopping.She doesn't like cat and bird.She has very big house, this house is very expensive]
She was born in osiek in 1973.She finished universityin 1986 and secundary school in 1983.She hasn't husband and kids because she has very busy life style.

ja takie doddalem w szkole i bylo git napiszesz to recznie to wyjdzie ci pol strony a4
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I am show my sister. She is name is Monika. She is fourteen year old. Monika live in Toruń. She leaved Cracow because that was too much cars and dogs. Her sister is a doctor. She works in school (teacher PI) She likes listen to music, watchind TV, write a letter, play the piano and eat in restaurant.
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