It’s party time!
Children’s parties are getting very expensive in the
UK today. Everyone likes a party, especially when
it’s a child’s birthday. A birthday is a very important
day in the year. Children love the presents, the cards
and the party. The problem is… the money.
It’s like a competition for the children and the
parents. The children want to invite ALL their
friends, not only one or two. They want a big cake
not a small one, new clothes and wonderful games.
They want their party to be special. The parents
have to spend a lot of money on all these things.
Some parents pay a party planner to organise
their child’s party. That is very expensive. It is very
popular today to have a special children’s show at
the party. This is fun and the children love it but
it is also expensive. There is usually a lot of food
and drink at the party for the children AND their
parents. And the birthday child often gives presents
to all his/her friends when they go home. A lot
of money!
Matt Kelsall and his wife are organising a party for
their daughter, Katy. ‘It’s crazy,’ says Mark. ‘But all
her friends have big, expensive parties and we have
to organise a big party too! She’s only three years
old. What about when she’s a teenager?!’

2 Choose the best answer.

1 Today on their birthday children like
A to go out with a lot of friends.
B to invite a lot of friends to a party.

2 Parents pay a party planner to
A give a special show.
B organise the party.

3 At parties today
A there are lots of children.
B there are lots of children and lots of parents.

4 Matt is organising a big party because
A all his daughter’s friends have big parties.
B he wants to give his daughter a big party.

5 Matt’s daughter is
A a teenager.
B very young.