A thought provoking exhibition highlighting the terrifying costs of human waste to the marine environment

Award-winning artist Lou McCurdy, renowned for her ground breaking project 'More Plastic Than Plankton' and graphic designer
Chloe Hanks who set up Plastic Bag Free Brighton, bring an exciting and innovative show to this year's Brighton Fringe Festival
in a brand new cafe and venue.

Lou re-invents plastic rubbish found on Brighton beaches and makes big colourful, textural panels. They are cross sections of
the sea demonstrating the permanence of plastic and how much it is embedded.

This is powerfully contrasted by Chloe's (A.K.A. Hanksy) eco-graffiti and the transient nature of her 100% bio-degradable work.
The eco-graffiti takes its cue from protest slogans, spray-painted graffiti, popular culture and humorous daubings written in
the dirt on white vans. Often site, weather and tide specific, the work sometimes exists for only a matter of hours before
disappearing without a trace. The only permanent evidence of the work is photographic.