You are on holiday and have decided to invite a friend to spend a few days with you. Write him/her a letter describing the place and giving directions.(120-180 words)

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi _________ (imię kolegi/koleżanki)
How are you? Are you all right? So, I'm very excited, because this place is very beautiful, and I never bored as here. I would like to invite you to spend with me for a few days. It would be nice if you had agreed to visit me. So this place is located near the lake and forest. You should find here. This place is situated in the south of our city, it is enough that you will be guided by the lake ____ (nazwa jakiegoś jeziora). Then you just turn into a small dirt lane, right. It is quite typical, since it runs alongside a narrow rill. From there follow only straight ahead. After passing a few meters away you'll notice a lovely lodge, which throws you in the eye. Me and my friends we should be in the middle, but if you do not find us there, please wait for us on the porch. I think these few days spent together on jumping into the lake, running through the woods and unhealthy eating different things, such as pizza will be a pleasant experience.
See you soon.
Love from ____ (Twoje imię)

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