You are on holiday and have decided to invite a friend to spend a few days with you. Write him/her a letter describing the place and giving directions.(120-180 words)

Proszę o pomoc !! ;D
dużo punktów ;))
wyznaczę najlepszą :P
potrzebuje na dzisiaj !!!!;D



Unfortunately, I am in hospital at the moment recovering from an appendix op-
eration. I have to stay here for a little longer than I originally thought, and therefore
will be absent.
Nevertheless, I would like to make a request for the club’s future. I think that
you increase the cost of membership, many members will be forced to leave as
prices are already quite high. Therefore I ask you to reconsider any changes in
I hope that you will think carefully about my request, and apologise for the fact
that I cannot come. I am sure that I will be present at next year’s meeting.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi, (imię osoby do której piszesz)!
You know what? Next week I will be in England in my aunt on vacations!... I talked with her and she said that you can come here, too! It's that not great? We've book you ticket to London. You only have to go to Wrocław and from there get to the plane and come here. You will be here for 10 days, so you've got more than week for prepare everything. I will be wait for you with my aunt on the airport. I can't wait when I see you. My aunt send me a photos her house. It's like a palace. It's really huge! It's got 4 floors! But I don't like color of this house... It's pink! But you know what? I'm going there for 2 months and you can be there more than one! And what you think about that? You don't have to worry about anything. I will be on airport and I send you your ticket on e-mail. Please, write me if you agree, beacuse I must know.
Maybe, see you soon! ;)
Your friend, (twoje imię) ;)