Musze napisać historie jaka mi się przydarzyła w przeszłości np: nagle przyszedł mi jakiś dobry pomysł, miałem szczęście lub pecha...
Zaczynać to powinno się tak It was in "rok", I was about Ileś tam lat...
A tu przykłady po angielsku:
-heard some news that was important for your country/the world
-were very lucky or unlocky
-get some good/bad news
-suddenly had a good idea
MA to być długa wypowiedź, za krótkie zgłaszam błąd!!!
Z góry THX



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Napisałem coś takiego, nie bij jeżeli ci się nie spodoba ;(...

The accident

Something shocking had place last summer. I have never thought that it can hit me, me a normal pupil. I will never forget what happened to me and my friend last summer.
After I had graduated from my junior high school, I wanted to celebrate it with my friend Lukas who is 1 year older than me. We went to a club. I have not had any free time since last weekend. In the beginning Lukas immediately found company, I have been a wallflower all the time. To tell you the truth I was too shy to talk to any of girls who was in the club. At last my friend Lukas saved me, we went to our car, but he has been drinking. I have told him to take a taxi otherwise we can both die, but he laughed at me, opened car’s doors and got in. Only he had a driving license and he persuaded me telling that everything will be ok, and after that he will buy me fresh orange juice.
I had really bad feelings about that ride. I was in bad mood. While we were driving, Lukas lost his grip on reality, and we ran down man crossing the street. It was real shock, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was the worst thing that happened to me ever. To make matters worse, the man was dead. Blood was everywhere, I was as white as a sheet, my heart was beating furiously. I started shouting at Lukas, he was as much terrified as me if not more. We were thinking what to do with body, there was no way out of this shit, our lives are over, we are going to jail. Lukas’s hair stood on end, he suggested throwing the man into the sea. He wanted to forget about that, to never come back to it. In the end we did it, we got a rid of body. We were murderers, we got into the car and drove away. It is now a year after that all happened, I strongly hope that none will ever know about our crime, I am writing it now to apologize the man, his family and all his friends. Oh no, someone is standing in front of my house! It is that man, he came for me NO!!!!!