Yesterday I got up at 8 o'clock. I ate my breakfast, had a shower and went to school. At school I was to 16 o'clock. Next I went shopping with my mother. When we returned, we cooked a dinner. About eight o'clock I went to the cinema with my boyfriend. Then we went for a walk. I returned to home at 23 30. I took a shower and went to sleep.

Today celebrated Halloween. Together with a friend dress up for ghosts. We went from house to house, we called to the door and screamed "sweets or life”. Many people gave us gifts, so we were very happy. This night was very cheerful. I met many friends with whom I could talk to. As it turned out for the evening accumulated much candy that day. I returned home at ten o'clock in the evening and went to sleep. I was very tired. I hope that for Halloween will be even more popular than now.

This year my New Year's Eve was a success. At twenty, I went with friends to the room where the friend of organized play. Were invited about twenty people. I was dressed in a black skirt, black blouse and boots. When we arrived, we all were there. We sat down at the table and ate meals. After some time the untwisted and danced. We flew very fast time and was already midnight. So we started to make a wish and call others. Overall, the adoption was successful and returned home about two in the morning.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Drogi Tomku
Piszę do ciebie list ze wspomnieniem z wakacji. Wakacje były super! Byłem z rodzicami na Krecie. Widziałem piękne morze, a nawet się w nim pluskałem. Zwiedzaliśmy miejscowe atrakcje oraz muzea. Fajne było muzeum bursztynów. Odwiedziliśmy jeszcze Ateny ale tam mniej było atrakcji niż na Krecie. Pozdrawiam.


Dear Tomek
I am writing you a letter with the memory of the holiday. Holidays are great! I was with his parents in Crete. I saw the beautiful sea, and even splashing in it. Visiting local attractions and museums. Amber museum was cool. We visited Athens yet but there have been fewer attractions than in Crete. Regards.
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