Awful monsters inhabit quiet and wild stately castles of morale are seen spider spin out (unreel) after old nooks of cellars not and transitory morale cause natives as winds show with (from) infarct (fall) from caves houses oldest coffins oldest dead alive zombi.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Tylko, że to jest raczej śmieszne i głupie :D Moja nauczycielka jak to sprawdzała to miała łzy w oczach ze śmiechu.

Faint, pale Mary get up in the morning.
When she goes ro the bathroom she stumble again pumpkin
And fall down. She broks leg because vampise watches TV in his cellar.
She is so heavy, so she pierces off the floor.
She falles on the vampire's TV.
The vampire gets nervous and he chases her.
Girl escapes to school and she stumble on doorstep and she thist neck.
Vampire buries her in the garden and he is happy about the score of the match.

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