Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Anna-Good Morning.
Mrs Ala-Good Morning.
Anna-Can i help you ?
Mrs Ala-Yes.I wanted to order two coffee, and apple pie.
Anna-Okey. Pleas, you must wait 10-15 minits.
Mrs Ala-It s no problem. I v got questions ! Wat is Café called?
Anna-It s Good coffee.
Mrs Ala-Thanks you !
10 minits later.Mrs Ala talking by phone with her friend Ela.
Mrs Ala-Hi Ela
Ela-What are you doing ?
Mrs Ala- I am in Café,which called Good coffee .I drink coffie and i wait for you !
Ela- O my God .I have forgotten about this meeting !Really sorry.
Mrs Anna-oh .So i should go to the home?!
Ela- There I will come fastly not .
Mrs Ala- Okey i will wait for you!
15 minutes later.
Ela-Hi .Again sorry !
Mrs Ala- Okey.What are you doing all day ?
Ela- I talking with my boyfriend .It has stated me !!
Mrs Ala-O its great ! I am so happy !Congratulations.
Ela-Thanks you! It s new Café,?
Mrs Ala-Yes .It s nice place !
Mrs Ala-Sorry I must go to home ,My children wants eating diner !
Ela-Okey se you later ;)
Mrs Ala -Okey bay .