Danzel, actually Waem Johan (November 9, 1976 in Beveren-Waas, Belgium) - Belgian singer of Antwerp discovered in Idol.
Danzel began his career as a singer and bass player in the band der Band Scherp op de Snee. Later, he sang backing vocals in the band L.A. Band. In 2003 he took part in the Belgian edition of Idol, but it did not take any significant space. In 2004, promoted his biggest hit Pump It Up. Danzel promoted in pop music and dance. Has a proven track record for The Name Of The Jam which was delivered on 15 November 2004. In January 2006 he took part in qualifying for the Eurovision Song Contest in Poland, which took 9 place. 8 February 2008 he released his third album - Unlocked. In September 2008 the video for the song What Is Life recorded in Rzeszow. In May 2009, held its first concert tour in Poland, Danzel.
Danzel, practically Johan born Waem . 9 November 1976 in Beveren Waas in Belgium – Belgian singer from Antwerp open in programme Idol.The Danzel began as vocalist his career and the bass player in team the der of Gangs the Scherp the op de Snee. L. A. Band later sang in team backing singers. Part in 2003 year took in Idol's Belgian edition, however he did not occupy in him no significant place. He in 2004 brought out one's the largest hit Pump it Up. Danzel promotes in music pope and dance. My on one's account plate The Name of the of Pits which was given 15 November 2004 year. The part in January 2006 year took in Selection matches to Competition of Song the Eurowizji in Poland in which occupied 9. place. He 8 February 2008 year gave one's third plate - Unlocked. In September 2008 year video clip to song What is life recorded in Rzeszowie. In May 2009 she took place first rout concert Danzela in Poland.