Ta odpowiedź została oznaczona jako zweryfikowana

Zweryfikowane odpowiedzi zostały sprawdzone przez ekspertów, dlatego mamy pewność, że są prawidłowe i bezbłędne. Od dawna na zadane.pl znajdziesz tysiące poprawnych odpowiedzi, które zostały sprawdzone przez moderatorów (najbardziej zaufanych członków naszej społeczności).
London is the capital city of England, Great Britain. It's the largest and the most populous city in western Europe. London is home to the country's parliament, legal institutions, the monarch and all government departments. It's a lively and cosmopolitan city. Over 300 hundred languages are spoken there. What's interesting, one third of the people in London were born outside of the country. There are many various accents in London. 'Cockney' seems to be the one which is commonly used and may be heard almost in every part of the city. London holds the most renowned monuments like 'the London Eye', 'the Buckingham Palace' (which is Queen Elizabeth's headquarter), 'the Tower Bridge' which crosses the River Thames, 'the Royal Greenwich Observatory' which is the location of the prime meridian and many others places worth seeing. The city is also home to countless museums, galleries which exhibitwell-known antiquities. Many people from all the countries in the world arrive in London just to see those places and get to know the culture and traditions as it's a must-see for every tourist. 

(...) When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford" ~Samuel Johnson~

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