My dream was: interesting , fantastic , wonderful , beautiful ,color other, than the odd ,interesting ,boring,
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Myśle że chodzi tutaj o napisanie jakiejś historyjki która ci się przyśniła czyli o twoim śnie. It was dark. I looked around me and I saw that I was in the middle of a forest. I had no idea why I was there. I started walking, slowly and carefully as I did not know what I could come across. The night was very cold and not even a single star was shining in the sky. In a distance I could see a dim light of the moon. Suddenly I heard a noise which was getting closer and closer. I felt terrified. My legs could not move but my fear was even worse. It made me run and after a while I was running like crazy. As I could not catch my breath I stopped and found myself standing on a huge meadow. It looked as if it was empty but when I focused my sight I noticed something moving on the edge of the forest. To my horror, it started walking towards me. When it got close enough I recognized it immediately. I had seen it already in my last dream. Back then, it had been running towards a small boy who had been crossing the street. It had jumped on him making him fall on the ground. At first I had not understood why, but after a second I had realized that it had saved the boy’s life. If it had not done it, a huge truck would have hit the boy. When I came back from those memories to a real life, the scenery around me changed. I was standing in the middle of a playground, surrounded by children. I noticed at once that the playground looked exactly the same as the one in my neighborhood. But I was not alone among all those children. It was still there, but this time very close to me. It was looking at me, but after a second it turned its head and started looking at a small girl who was walking towards a lake. She was getting closer and closer and she was going to the part of the lake which was the deepest. At first I did not know why she was doing it but then a saw a ball floating on a surface of the lake. It was then when I realized that the girl did not intend to stop. She was going to get her ball. Under my skin I felt that it fixed its eyes at me. I turned around and I saw that the big white wolf was looking straight into my eyes. I knew then what it wanted me to do. I started running and shouting at the little girl and…. Everything was gone. I woke up in my bed in my room with my heart beating as never before…
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