Yesterday I watched (jakiś film) . I will never foget it because it is an amazing story about teenagers and their problems.When you watch it you feel like hero of the film. This story starts in Rome where four teenagers from different part
of the world meet in one place. They have a lot of funny stories. I can't stop lautching during this film. First of all they were walking near the bridge and a frightened man runs to them and gives them somethink. It is a suitcase whith some stupid think inside. Some wooden toy and map. Next day on first pades of newspapers appears an article about this man. Teenager are a little bit scared but they want to discover a mistery. Then trey are having some funny situation. This film was great!
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favorite comedy is “Monthy Pyghton’s life of Brian”. This story says about young man as he thought jude but one day his mother told him that hi’s Roman. It would’t be anything special about it but the point is that brian hate Romans. He went to the colosseum and enrolled to the patriotic organisation. He had been tested by them. He had to write “romans go home” as he did it the roman soldier cought him and sad that hi made a mistake it this sentence so he had to write it hundred times.In the morning roman soldiers saw what he did and started to ran after him. He ran on the tower and when he was up he jumped down and land in ufo that was chased by another ufo. After chase he was again on earth. The best part was that whole town thought that hi is messiah and run after him on the desert. Brian stepped on the recluse’s foot so he started to shoult ang he said that he didn’t say any world for eighteen years untill today. Everyone took in as a miricle. I won’t tell you all the film cose its too grate and it is must-see movie.
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