There are many old castle in poland. They've got scary ghosts in. They are White Ladies, Green Knight and dragons. They are very popular with tourists. People visit these castle to see ghosts. But the most famous castle is the Wawel Castle in Cracow. This castle has got a lot of ghosts and very famous dragon in the Dragon's cave under the castle. The dragon brethes fire every five minutes. There is a legend that the shoemaker called Dratewka killed the dragon and save the city. Now the dragon is a symbol of Cracow.
City Dębno. There is great city not Dębno because several counts only thousand people.There is city put not far Dębno -Gorzowa Beautiful (fine) old village is. Old antiques be placed in it, houses, church has has persisted . Many of they has has persisted ok.50year.

napisałam o Dębnie lubuskiem połozonym nie daleko Gorzowa...
miasto dębno jest starym miastem na dodatek małym bo liczy tylko kilka dziesiąt ludnosci. jest starym miastem znajduja sie w nim satre zabytki,domy, sklepy a nawet koscioł który stoi juz ok. 50 lat.!!