Nie mam pojęcia jak zrobić te zadanie
If money was not a problem, what kind of house would you like to have? Take notes under these headings.
-Type and size of house
-inside (rooms/furniture and furnishing/style)
-other (neighbours/attarctions in the neighbourhood)



If I have lot of money, I build enormous house. Type is like an Celebrity houses.
I want to build it on mountains, where i can see beautiful views, and smell fresh air. On the garden I want to make a hudge pool, opposite I want a funpark. My garage must be so big because I want to buy 3 exclusive car's. Inside will be 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. I like modern style and I buy all of decoration in Ikea. In the living room will be exclusive sofa and hudge TV. My kitchen will be comfortable and modern. My walls will be like artist painting it will be so cool.
About my neighbours, I don't wont it. I wanna be alone and have quiet, but is one think, I want galery opposite my house, because I love shopping