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Hello CJ hw are you? Im fine i talk you about my sister and her Sunday. My sister at Sunday going to the cinema with friends and some times visit supermarket or church but rarely going to the church. When she back. When she returns home doing homework and going sleep. Now i must finished this email becouse have a lot of work. Take carl "tu wpisz swoje imie"
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Hi Peter,
It's funny that you wrote to me about your favourite day, because I was thinking about it too. I would like to tell you about it.
I like Saturday most to be honest, but my sister told me, that Sunday is her favourite day. Why? At first she told that it's free and pretty nice to do what you want. Then she mentioned about meeting with her friends and, you know, SHOPPING. I don't agree with shoping on Sunday but I still can't persuade her. At last she told about church. I know it is rather stange but religion is very important for her.
I would like to know what do you think about it. What about your Sunday?
See you,
Hello my name is Bartek.I have one sister. She names Kasia.In sunday she often goes to church very erly. At 9 o'clock she eat a brekfest. After she does her homework. At 12 o'clock she watches her favorite program on TV. She loves watching sitcoms. In the evenig she read a book and surf on the internet. On 10 pm she goes sleep.
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