I`ve got a best friend. She`s name is Klaudia. She is tall and slim. Klaudia has got big brown eyes and medium brown hair.she is very cheerful and she like laughing.
She is helpful but she can be stubborn. She very likes music. Her favourite bands are: linkin park and green day. She very lke shopping. She loves buy clothes! I very like her becouse we have a great time together.
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My friend's name is XXX. He lives in XXXX.He attands the second class
of the secondary school, sport profile class.He is tall and well-built.
His hair is short and curel and his checks are large. His ears are
He often wears jeans and sweater.
He is patient and steady. He is always willing to help.
He is also chatty.
He likes computer games and playing football.
He likes travelling very much. Pizza is his best meal.
We know each other for many years .He is my best friend.

tam w miejsce X napisz imię, i miejscowość.
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