Z wykorzystaniem pytań pomocniczych :
where are these pets from?
How large are they?
How many months/ years do they live?
what food do they like ?
what other things do they like or dislike ?
Are they good pets? Are they clean/ intelligent/ interesting ?
What must you remember if you buy this pet ?
Oraz planu :

Paragraph 1 Basic information
Paragraph 2 Likes and dislikes
Paragraph 3 Opinions and advice

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My favorite pet is a my dog. It's name "Pusia". Pusia lives such December of last year. This is a cocer spaniel.
I very like Pusia.She likes dog and human food.Pusia has got a yellow cocard on head. I go to outsaid from Pusia twice. Pusia doesn't like a cats. She lovely otcher dogs. Pusia its a very inteligent and beautyfull dog. She is very clean.
I very liked Pusia and She like me too.