Podanie zdanie przekształć w pytania :)
a)She has a cooked breakfast
b)She cariess a sleeping bag
c)He usually believes you.
d)She dance s in competitions
e)You remember the address
f)She plays chess very well.
g)He worries about her.
h)These thieves work at night
i)He leaves home at 8.00 every day
j)Ann arranges everything
k)she agrees with you.
l)Their dogs bark all night
ł)their neighbours often compalain
m)Tom enjoys driving at night
n)He engages new staff every spring
o)Tom looks very well.
p)They sell fresh grape juice here.
r)He charges more than oyher photographers.
s)She cuts her husband*s hair
t)They pick the apples in October.
u) The last train leaves at midnigst

wiem ze tego troche duzo ale daje 50 punktów prosze zeby to zadanie zrobiła osoba która sie zna
Dziękować ;*



A) Has she cooked breakfast?
She hasn't cooked breakfast.
b) Does she carry a sleeping bag?
She doesn't carry a sleeping bag.
c) Does he believe you?
He doesn't believe you.
d) Does she dance in competition?
She doesn't dance in competition
e) Do you remember the adress?
You don't remember the adress
f) Does she play chess very well?
She doesn't play chess very well
g) Does he worry about her?
He doesn't worry about her.
h) Does these thieves work at night?
These thieves doesn't work at night.
i) Does he leave home at 8.00?
He doesn't leave home at 8.00
j) Does Ann arrange everything?
Ann doesn;t arrange everything
k) Does she agree with you?
She doesn't agree with you
ł) Do they neighbour's often compalain?
They neighbour's don't complain often.
m) Does Tom enjoy driving at night?
Tom doesn't enjoy driving at night.
n) Does he engage new staff every spring?
He doesn't engage new staff every spring.
o) Does Tom look very well?
Tom doesn't look very well.
p) Do they sell fresh grape juice here?
They don't sell fresh grape juice.
r) Does he charge more than other photographers?
He doesn't charge more than other photographers.
s) Does she cut her husband's hair?
She doesn't cut her husband hair.
t) Do they pick up the apples in October?
They don't pick up the apples in October.
u) Does the last train leave at midnight?
The last train doesn't leave at midnight.