A village is composed of small population that is not advanced whereas a city is very
advanced and has large population. Life in a village is completely different from
life in a city. This difference is like distinction between earth and sky.
These lifestyles are totally different from each other.

It is hard to find similarities between persons of different characteristics and same
as with life in villages and cities. Cities are getting more advanced everyday and it
has forced people to leave their village pride behind and become more city oriented.
City and village life has characteristic that are similar and different.

Village life and city life are somewhat provincial.
People can’t think of a life beyond the boundaries of their village or their city.
Villagers think that villages are the best place to live, and people living in urban
places think that they are more fortunate. There are some similarities between both
locations. Children in the villages have their desires and ambitions like city children.
They also want to be something in their lives. Villagers, like urban people, are hard

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