Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.In this film, there are many scenes that cause the viewer thrill
2.On the trip to Warsaw is provided for many tourist attractions
3.I had look like very elegant
4.Have you ever heard about film "Biała wstązka"
5.Nie ma szans żeby zdała w tym roku.
6.She wanted me to ever take an extremely long river boat.
7.I was looking for strap but in shops there had
8.I would like to overlay on the bed was a woolen
9.I went to my aunt for adoption and had to entertain all the children
10.Susan's brother won the competition swimming gold
11.Our trip to the mountains, this is just an adventure
12.My tests is already checked
13.This is my matter,and you don't ask me about more for her theme
14.A lamp is hanging in wall next bed
15.Katt rollercoster afraid, because it has bad memories
16.I spend a day in Zoo
17.I thik that, relief on ticket is too small
1. The thriller derives its thrills from our innate fearfulness; what makes us afraid is the volatile reality we inhabit whose permanence is no longer ensured by God, and the irrational people we have to deal with.

2. Long a draw for its cutting-edge fashion, art and design, London this year added a new attraction to the cool-Britannia line-up.

3. For the 500 or so backpackers who took a bargain-price safari from Kenya and central Africa to South Africa, it was the experience of a lifetime.

4. Dear, you look like you've seen a ghost or something? Whatever's the matter?? You look as though you've just seen a ghost!

5. Ever wanted to eat couscous for breakfast??

6. Now it is known that there is an 80 per cent chance that there is a physical cause of male impotence.

7. James bought a new watch with a leather strap.

8. I have a woolen sweater that I wear in winter.

9. While we were gone, Jenny entertained the whole family singing and dancing.

10. He said the decade after World War II was Canada's golden age.

11. Why don't you stop those climbing one day and settle with your family; do you really think they are as fascinated by those your new adventure as you are??

12. The termites feed almost entirely on vegetable matter.

13. Every one of them was in favour of hanging.

14. In 1846, in Paris, they opened a13-metres high rollercoaster ride with a four-metre loop in it.

15. I have spent all my day in this town.

16. With work stresses increasing, many people seek relief through alternative therapies and, having found it, decide to change their lifestyles and help others do the same.

Nie ułożyłam zdania z riverboat.
2. In the park are fun attractions.
4. I look like seven misfortunes.
5. Never go to the theater.
10. Wczoraj oglądałam rozrywkowy film.
11. W moje kopalni jest złoto.
12. Na wakacjach miałam ciekawą przygodę.
13. I have already proven to work.
14. I watched video of a particle of matter.
15. I spent a fun day at feriach.