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At us very preparations for holidays are already exceptional. Even though the majority from us doesn't like cleaning and hours spent on the shopping everyone very much are satisfied. From very morning they are bustling about around the kitchen. and are preparing delicacies. Before very holidays even the Dad isn't working so long, and the mum is trying as soon as possible to free from the company. He is able collapse a few nights, provided that on the table twelve traditional dishes stood up. And aren't these are normal dishes. Boiled wheat with poppy seeds and honey served on Christmas Eve - coming from ancient times, prepared according to the old regulation for the grandmother, carp with mushrooms, dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, borscht with ravioli - favourite dish of the mum. The haughty in aspic tench and herring with olives. On the festive table not perhaps a poppyseed loaf, a cheesecake and a gingerbread to be missing with nuts and dried fruit as used in cooking.
When is already finally falling on this beautiful day, impatiently wyglądany evening and the first star in the sky will light then everyone we are seating ourselves at the table covered with a tablecloth for whites. We forget about quarrels and disputes. Holidays are a time of joy and forgiving oneself injustice. We are exchanging Christmas greetings and we are giving our best wishes. It is one of the most emotional moments, which more than one person will drop tear by. Into the Christmas Eve evening everyone are for themselves close and nobody can be alone. It therefore we are placing an extra place for the lonely wanderer. Under the tablecloth obligatorily hay must be in order to commemorate little manger - place of the birth of the Christ

Let the Christmas and the Christmas Eve evening as the entire coming new year will pass for you in happiness and joy
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My family starts preparing for Christmas in the middle of December. We send Christmas cards to our family and friends. We also look for Christmas gifts. Each member of our family gets a gift from the others so the pile of packets under the Christmas tree is realy huge. A few days before Christmas my father buys a tall Christmas Tree and stores it on our balcony. It waits there until all the celebrations start.
On Christmas Eve morning the youngest person in the family (that is me) has to decorate the Christmas tree. I decorate it with special electric candlies, colourful balls and chains made of silver and gold paper.I also put some candies and red apples on the tree. At the top of the tree there is a big star with a little bulb inside. My father made it when I was five. While I decorate the tree my sister helps my mother in the kitchen. They prepare traditional Polish dishes for the Christmas Eve Supper.We eat some of these dishes only once a year - just on this special evening.
On Christmas morning we all go to church. Then we go for a very long walk. Afterwards we go to my Grandmother and we eat Christmas dinner.
On the second day of Christmas we visit some family friends or they visit us.
I like Christmas very much because it is a very joyful festival. Everybody is happy and relaxed. There is a lot of delicious food and what is more important I get many wonderful presents.
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