7 zdań z słowami upset about sth,sorry about sth,hapy with sth,angry with sb,suspicious of sb, confused with sth,woried about sth/sb, jest to zadanie<5/25 podr.blockubuster kl.3> look at Appendix 1 and fill in about at with of... .Then use them to make sentences.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I'm upset about my dead hamster.
I'm sorry about what have happened to your favorite t-shirt, you really liked it.
I'm happy with my English grades.
I'm always angry with my sister whenever she takes my stuff without permission.
I feel a little suspicious of that stranger.
I'm always confused with math homework.
A mother is always worried about her child when he is sick.

Ale nie mam tego podrecznika, wiec to sa zdania ktore sama wymyslilam