Write an email to your old friend.

Na wzór tego:
How wonderful/amazing to hear from you.
I was so suprised./What a wonderful suprise!
How did you get my email address?
It was great to hear your news.
Let me tell you something about my life.
I can`t believe that... Let`s keep in touch.
Guess what! Best wishes/All the beset
Do you remember...?

I trzeba użyć tych słów:
but, although, however, so, because.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

Hi! It's really amazing to hear from you at last! I didn't expect that, so it was an awesome surprise. I wonder who gave you my email address, although I put it on some websites, and that could be where from you get it. From your news I can see you lead a very interesting life, however I'm not moaning about lack of excitement i my own. I hope that we'll keep in touch, because I have so much to tell you, that it's too much just for one email? Do you remember how we used to play when we were six year old? It was long time ago, but I hope that we'll manage to meet and repeat that.

Love, ...