Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was beautiful summer day. Me and my two friends, Simon and Pablo met at the railway station. The plan for that day was ready few months before. We were traveling with two guitars and one djembe drum to Gliwice.
At 10 am, we arrived to our target. The idea was to stand on Zwycięstwa street and to play on instruments some popular songs, to have fun and collect some money. It is very easy job, isn't it? We thought, that we will earn a lot of money in easy way and short time, but this adventure was more colorful than we expected it will be. Firstly we were walking down the street to find the best place to stay. Finally we stood in front of watchmaker store, to have good audience and to control the time. We were playing maybe two hours, wen suddenly we saw two city guards walking to us. One of them ask us if we have a permission from government to make such as happening in that place.
I wanted to be polite so I said that I don't know what it is but we don't want to make problems so we can leave. But he answered that he want to check our identification, and when he heard that we have any documents he told to us „you are going with me now”. Next six hours we spent waiting on police station for our parents who were call to take us home.
My parents were very angry, so I think that it was the last outing for next few years.