Look at Appendix 1 and fill in: about, at, with, og. Then use them to make sentences.
- upset about sth
- sorry about sth
- happy with sth
- angry with sb
- suspicious of sb
- confused with sth
- worried about sb/sth
Ja te zwroty to już uzupełniłem bardzo proszę o pomoc z góry dzięki



He was really upset about failed math test.
Oh, sorry about that mistake, I just Don't know how to express my feelings
She was very happy with her birthday.
I'm unbelivable angry with You, because of your nasty behavior.
He was very suspicious of me so it was very hard to still that treasure.
I was a bit confused of my math problems, bu He said that it is not a problem.
Thanks to God that You are back, I was worried about you all night.