Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Yesterday I was thinking about my dream school. It is hard to say, but I definitely have some main needs.
My dream school should definitely be close to my house. I hate walking all day across the city, so it is important for me. Of course, teachers should be nice and really hard-working, but it isn't most important. Most important thing are people, of course. Good friends and classmates are needed for school that I can dream about. Eventually, I would like my dream school to be big and nice, but it is only ending of these previous statements.
I think I told enough about my dream school, because I know, that these dreams will rather not come true.
My dreamed school is modern school, with TV's, escalators and elevators. There should be only 20 minutes lessons and there should'nt be any camera's. There should be food and drink for free too, and no homework. There's don't need to have any homework. Why ? Beacuse homework is needless. I'm teaching in school not at the home. (I'm not counting tests). And this is the and of my speech. Thanks for listening. :)