Royal Castle complex

Exterior: Façade from Castle Square, façade of the Saxon Wing from the Vistula River, Kubicki’s Arcade
Interiors - underground: Gothic cellar
Interiors - ground floor: "On Two Columns" Parliament Room, Stanislaus Library
Interiors - upper floors: Rooms of the Grand Apartment (esp. Ensemble Room, Knights’ Room, Throne Room), Royal Apartment (Study, Chamber, Chapel), Parliament Room, Canaletto Room, room with the HOLD CAROW SZUJSKICH / HOMAGE OF THE SHUISKY TSARS by Jan Matejko, exhibition room in the Lanckoronski Gallery
Wawel Castle

The Gothic Wawel Castle in Cracow in Poland was built at the behest of Casimir III the Great and consists of a number of structures situated around the central courtyard. In the 14th century it was rebuilt by Jogaila and Jadwiga of Poland. Their reign saw the addition of the tower called the Hen’s Foot (Kurza Stopka) and the Danish Tower. The Jadwiga and Jogaila Chamber, in which the sword Szczerbiec, was used in coronation ceremonies, is exhibited today and is another remnant of this period. Other structures were developed on the hill during that time as well, in order to serve as quarters for the numerous clergy, royal clerks and craftsmen. Defensive walls and towers such as Jordanka, Lubranka, Sandomierska, Tęczyńska, Szlachecka, Złodziejska and Panieńska were erected in the same period.

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