Parachuting – sport consisting in performing drops, in which - depending on the sport - a building block of the jump, e.g. performing acrobatics in the free fall, performing acrobatics on the opened bowl or the precision of landing are subject to an evaluation. Parachute sport is young sport. Just enough getting by jumpers more and more great abilities and experience were being improved principles of sports rivalry in the parachuting, a degree of difficulty was being increased in sports gone in for until now or they were leading new. For amendments to regulations of the parachute competition also improving the structure of the sports parachute enjoyed considerable influence. Sports disciplines parachute: Pertinence of landing about Acrobatics against Formations in the free fall (RW) against Formations on bowls (CRW) about Para-Ski for artistic Sports (Freestyle, Skysurfing, Freeflying) for piloting with bowls (Canopy Piloting) two first are creating classical s. With parachute sport, in which they aren't being played no competition is B.A.S.E. - sport consisting in jumping with a parachute from objects of constants (buildings, cliffs, aerials, itp.) additionally competitors are making a start in the competition, in which parachute s are components of pentathlons, e.g. parachute pentathlon. In the parachute pentathlon s are being played: * pertinence of landing in the day * pertinence of landing at night * sailing the any style on distance of 100 m * cross-country on distance of 3 km * soaring from kbks (sports rifle) from a distance 50 m. (opisałam spadachroniarstwo).
Surfing is the term is used for a surface water sport in which the person surfing moves along the face of a breaking ocean wave (the "surf"). However, surfing is not restricted to saltwater, but can sometimes take place on rivers, using a standing wave. The main use of the word "surfing" is for riding waves using a board on which the surfer stands. Other forms include bodyboarding, in which the individual riding the wave only partly raises his upper body from the board surface, and from bodysurfing, where no board at all is used.
Two major subdivisions within contemporary stand-up surfing are longboarding and shortboarding, reflecting differences in surfboard design and riding style.
Depending on wave size, direction, and on wind conditions, sailboats can also surf on larger waves on open sailing waters. Unlike "surfers", sailors usually do not surf in beach waves, and they usually do not go out in order to surf; instead, the wave and wind conditions may allow them to boat surf during a sailing trip. More recently, the same principle of craft-based surfing has been increasingly used by kayakers, notably in the sport of playboating, which is mostly carried out on rivers (see playspot).
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