Bardzo proszę o pomoc. ;)

Trzeba wypełnić ten dialog wpisując w miejsca kropek MUST lub HAVE TO w odowiednie formie.

MUM: It'sten o'cock. I must hgo shopping. Now Lisa, don't forget to do the ironing. Ben, can you help?
LISA: ... I ... do it?
MUM: Yes, you do. It's your Saturday job this week. Bye!
LISA: OK. Let's start. s the iron hot? Ouch!
BEN: What's the matter?
LISA: I've burnt my hand. Were's the butter?
BEN: No, you ... use butter on a burn. You ... pyt your hand in water.
LISA: ... the water ... be cold?
BEN: Yes, it does. It ... be icecol but it ... be warm.
LISA: ... I ... leave my hand under the tap for long?
BEN: Yes, you leave it ther until your hand drops off!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1) have to
2) haven't to
3) must
4) have .. to
5) must
6) haven't to
7)have to
1. Have To
2 . haven't to
3 . must
4 . must
5. Have to
6. must
7. Have to
8. must
9.have to