My day was great! I visited my cousin and I met Bratt Pitt! I played football with my dad, and I helped my brother with his homework. I read fantastic book, about vampiers. My parents went to the cinema, so i had empety house!
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Hello Lisa i talk you about my day. I start my day when i wake up 7am im going to bathroom and wash my tooths next i going to kitchen and eat breakfast. When i finish eat my brekfast i going dress up and going to the school. In the shol i meet my friends sometimes they are help me with my homework. Wen i pack at home i play in computer games, cleam my room, making homework, and going sleep its finish ofmy day. Take carl (tu wpisz swoje imie)
Hi, Mark.
My day was very busy. I must help my mum in kitchen, because soon will be x-mas. When I back to home I met my old friend whom I have not seen a long time. I went (III forma od 'go') to shop and I buy a new toys for my brother. When i learn to test, my girlfriend visit me. I ride on bycycle on games, and Start is next to my home but start in stadion. I must clean my room, so Bye.