Witam :) Mam napisać na jutro zadanie na angielski.Musze napisać My dream JOB(Moja wymażona praca) Nie wiem kompletnie jak sie za to zabrac i nie mam czasu gdyż musze uczyć się na inne przedmioty i licze na was:) Prosze o pomoc ;] Daje 30 pkt ;d




My dream work is a journalism. The journalism is my passion, I adore to comment, to appear, to present. In the childhood we have often played journalists with friends and he can therefore this way it stayed in me, I think that I will be aspiring to this profession conscientiously.

* Moja wymarzona praca to dziennikarstwo. Dziennikarstwo jest moją pasją, uwielbiam komentować, występować, prezentować. Często w dzieciństwie bawiłyśmy się z koleżankami w dziennikarki i może dlatego tak to we mnie zostało, myślę, że będę do tego zawodu dążyć sumiennie.

I'm going to be a teacher, because i like children and this job satisfaction me. I think this job is is really nice I want teaches . I know this work isn't simple but I want to try. That make it necessary be persistent and patient but I assure that I am.
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My dream job should primarily involve travel, visits to various parts of the Polish and the world, exploring and intercourse with other boats. I would like to work with inspiring people from whom you can learn a lot, work must provide unlimited possibilities for development and must be a challenge to me, giving the feeling that takes full advantage of their opportunities. Moreover, it should be associated with the possibility of a rapid acquisition of practical knowledge and also rely on doing several projects in various fields, so that I even for a brief moment she felt no shadow of boredom.
I am interested in working, as the man responsible for acquiring new customers and markets.

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