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One my friends has started acting quite strangely. She's always looking for money and she sometimes misses school. She's going out with a guy, Steve, who I don't know very well. Steve doesn't speak to me when the three of us together and he looks at me very angril.
I don't really know what's happening. What's your advice ?

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Hi Clare.
I think you must talk about it with her or her parents. It's strange and you must foil to bad event.
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Dear Clare,
I think, you should talk with your friend. Maybe she has a problem and she doesn't know how to do with this thing. She may need your help. She going out with a guy you don't know? You should takl with her obout too. Maybe this guy push her on wrong way.
Think obout it.

Your Sandra

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Hi Clare,
She felt in love with Steve probably. A girl in love would do anything for her boyfriend, so try to talk with her. Maybe Steve talked you friend to do something bad. Keep an eye of them. Don’t worry, all will go well.
Love, Sandra.