On channel HBO just played Matrix. In this movie main hero is Neo, which will know Morpheus and Trinity. He will stand to fight versus Matrix with agents Smiths on a head.

At 16 o'clock Polsat is going to play American Pie 3 : Wedding. In this movie Jim and Michell will take a marriage. This is a good comedy.

At 9 p.m. on TVN will be "Die Hard" movie. In this movie main performer is Bruce Willis, whose will take head on his enemies.

At half to eighteen TVP 1 will play Star Wars Episode IV. In this movie young Jedi Luck Skywalker will be learning to be Jedi, because he must to take head on Dark Side of Power.

Late at night TV4 station is going to play "Saw". It is horror, which one grab you in thrill to the end of the showing.
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