I like weekend, beacuse than I can do really crazy things. I can meet with my friends, go outside with them, go to the disco... I don't have to go early to bed and I can be outside really long. On Friday, after school I start weekend. Then I go for my friends. I go with them at the party. After party, when I'm in home on early morning I go to bed. I sleep only 4 hours, so I hate this part of day. When I almoust get up, my mum say that I have to clean all our house! It's terrible, beacuse I'm really tired. After that I help my mum do dinner, and all evening and rest of afternoon I've got for myself. On Sunday I do my homework. So it's the most boring day from other days in the week!... But I like wekeends, beacuse I can rest from school and teachers! ;)
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