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My dream house has yellow walls, blue roof, two windows, a small balcony.
There are 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
In one room is an office with brown furniture - cabinet, two shelves, three cupboards. It has turquoise walls and tiles on the floor. Wheel rack is a desk with a computer.
The second room is the living room. There are yellow walls, wooden floor, blue furniture: two small cupboards, desk, three shelves, TV-plasma.
The bedroom walls are pink, four-poster bed, light-brown furniture, TV-plasma, stand plates and a small balcony with awning.
The kitchen has a fireplace, refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, toaster, microwave, large table, 3 table tops, floor tiles.
The bathroom tiles are white and turquoise walls, large bath, shower and mirror.
I hope that in future I will build a house .

My house is a large, white with black roof. the dale There are six rooms: two bathrooms, a living room in which it is in red, hall, very interesting koloże white kitchen with furniture, stove and large refrigerator and a porch. On the wooden stairs leading up where there are also six rooms: three children's rooms, bedroom, bathroom and lounge. My room is pink tulips. There are clear furniture, carpet a few pictures, dressing table and a radio. Front of my house is lovely, large garden, green grass, orchard fruit (a little), and many conifers.

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