Odpowiedz na pytania(maja to byc odpowiedzi dluzsze, po angielsku)

1.Over a billion people all around the world are learning English. Why do you think this is?
2. Why are you learning English? How do you think it will be useful for you in the future?
3. Do you use English outside the classrom now? If so, when?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I think that people are learning English because it's the most popular language at the world. In many countries you can use Enlglish and people will understand you.
2. I'm learning English because I like that language and I think that's the easiest way to find some good job because if your knowledge is on a high level, you won't have problems with comunicating to other people.
3. Unfortunately I have not used English in other places that school but I hope it will change ;)
1 because English is widely regarded as an international language. In many works the primary language is English
2 wanting to find a good job as well as outside the country need to know English at a good or very good.
3) no, i don `t
b) yes, i do .....